Beverages/We have prepared a number of free beverages for you to enjoy on your flight with us.

  • Note

    • *Inflight services and options may vary due to weather and aircraft changes.
    • *We will not disturb you while you sleep. Please feel free to contact us when you wake up.
    • *Inflight beverage service is not available on certain routes with short flight times.

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Quality products

  • Enjoy truly delicious inflight coffee with JAL CAFÉ LINES

    We want our passengers to experience great inflight coffee, and JAL CAFÉ LINES is the result of this desire. Through full-spectrum support from Japanese coffee master Yukiaki Kawashima, we sought to offer customers one of the very finest coffees in the world. Passengers can now enjoy coffee made from 100% Rain forest Alliance Certified coffee beans.

  • Original green tea from Fumio Maeda, a 10th level tea blending master

    Fumio Maeda has researched numerous green teas and is capable of blending them together to bring out aroma, sweetness, bitterness, and astringency in the same tea. Numerous tea practitioners proud of their skills participated in Japan's National Tea Examination Competition in 1997 and, although level 9 was the highest at the time, Fumio Maeda displayed such skill that a 10th level was created and awarded to him.
    *Not available on certain routes.

Soft drinks

Beverage menu

    • Sky Time, JAL original softdrink
    • Apple juice
    • Coca-Cola
    • Ayataka, cooled-green tea
    • Mineral water
    • Coffee
    • Consomme soup
    • Hot Green tea*
    • *Hot green tea is not available on certain flights.

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