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Design concepts for a truly pleasant flight

Outline of Seats

Plenty of room in your own space
The First Class cabin at the front of the aircraft has just 14 seats, arranged in seven pairs. Seat to seat spacing between rows is greater than ever, at about 130 cm (approx. 51 inches), and seat widths are ample (about 53 cm, 21 inches). Space is occupied by a seat width of approximately 2.7 Economy Class seats. The armrests, too, are wider than ever before, at about 33 cm (approx. 13 inches). And the large central console separates the seats nicely to provide a feeling of privacy.
Quality materials and design
Seats are covered with premium genuine leather, carefully stitched with attention to detail. Seat cover tautness ensures the comfort of real leather. The central console and table, with a wood grain finish, add an extra touch of quality for an even more relaxing atmosphere.
JAL has mastered the art of comfort
Seat reclining angle starts at a comfortable 27 degrees and inclines far back to a maximum 42 degrees of relaxation. Settle in, and right away the wide seat back will make you feel you’re in a spacious armchair, the kind you could stay in for hours. Cushioning design is based on ergonomics, and low-rebound materials were chosen to offer the right amount of firmness/softness. Leg rests and foot rests fit a variety of body shapes, sizes and positions.
Seat function controls: User friendly design
Buttons to operate the seat recline function and audio system are sized for easy recognition and handling. And they are located where hands expect them to be. All to make your flight more relaxing.
Attention to detail
Design begins with convenience. For example:
The 3-step adjustable reading light provides enough illumination where you want it, without bothering others.
The pull-out cocktail tray is located for easy use.
There’s a handy space to put your eye glasses, pens and other small items.
Carefully selected aids add extra comfort to your space
High quality cushions and specially woven, soft-to-the-skin blankets are nicely coordinated, to create a tasteful space. These comforts are made by the company Tempur, known for fine goods designed with relaxation in mind.

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