Seats / JAL First Class

High-quality, genuine leather seats that provide the ultimate in softness and texture.

A comfortable and mind-relaxing space

Experience a supreme bliss with a feature-rich private space on JAL's domestic First Class cabin.
Relax yourself on the high-quality, genuine leather seats and enjoy the ultimate in hospitality exclusive to our first-class passengers.

  • *Seating configurations are subject to operating aircrafts and routes.

360° panorama view

Seat specifications

Seat reclining and foot rest

Seats have a deep maximum angle of recline of 42° compared to the standard 27°. The surfaces of these ergonomic cushion-shaped seats are made from low-repulsion material. Comfortable leg rests and foot rests complete the picture.

Seat pitch is about 130cm.

Seat pitch (distance between a row of seats)

Seat pitch is about 130 cm, roughly 2.7 times bigger than with other seats. These comfortable seats are like your sofa at home.

Privacy partition

Passengers get their own private spaces with privacy partitions built into and above the large center console.

Large table

Table size can be expanded to provide more than enough room for dinner or documents.

Reading light

A reading light lets you enjoy a book even at night. Can be freely moved to get light where you need it.

Underseat storage space

In addition to the overhead storage space, we also provide a large storage area under the seat for things like attache cases.

Side table

A space for storing glasses, personal effects, and other small articles.

Head rest

Head rest can be adjusted up or down. You can also bend the edges up for a better fit.

  • Seat size specifications (Boeing 777-200)


    Seat pitch: approx. 130cm (Economy Class: approx. 79cm)
    Seat width: approx. 53cm (Economy Class: approx. 44cm)
    Center armrest width (top) : approx. 33cm (Economy Class: approx. 6cm)

  • New First Class seating on Boeing 767-300ER flights

    The new 767-300ER first-class seats are arranged in 2-1-2 configuration.
    Only five seats to a row provide an even higher level of comfort.

    Enjoy enhanced comfort and relaxation with bigger* center dividers that provide more privacy as well as center consoles that ensure your business is your own. *Compared to previous JAL first-class seats.

    Applicable routes: Tokyo (Narita) - Osaka (Itami)

Seat layout

Boeing 777-200

The layout of only 14 seats (7 pairs of 2 seats) for the First Class provides a private and elegant space.

First Class seats on domestic flight (Boeing 777-200)

Boeing 767-300ER

Only 5 first-class seats on Boeing 767-300ER aircraft, provide an even higher level of privacy.

First Class seats on domestic flight (Boeing 777-300ER)

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