Information for First Class passengers


For ticket purchased after November 16, 2017, additonal charge for the use of First Class or Class J cannot be paid seperately. Please pay the total charge while booking your flights. (Fare amount is subject to change. Please check the total charges before purchase.)

open new windowPayment for First Class/ Class J charge

Reservation and ticket purchase

  1. The acceptable time of First Class booking/upgrade vary for fares.
    Before departureOn departure date at the airport
    • One-Way Fare
    • Round-Trip Fare
    • Child Fare
    • JAL Business KIPPU
    • Discount for the Disabled
    • TOKUBIN 1/3/7
    • TOKUBIN 21
    • e-Business Fare
    • Special Transit Fare
    • Shareholder's Saver Fare
    • All fares
    • *The number of available seats are subject to fare types.
  2. Seat selection is eligible for all above fares.
  3. You may check which flight operates with First Class when making reservation.
    Online booking Please check on the flight availability page.
    Call center Please check with the call center staff.
  4. Passengers traveling with First Class fares on international route including domestic connection flights in the itinerary are eligible to use First Class on Japan domestic flights without an additional charge. For details, please check the information about international bookings and purchases on the JAL website, or contact us.

    Information about international bookings and purchases on the JAL website

  5. Refund Charge and Cancellation Charge will apply if cancellation request cannot be made by the flight departure time.


Upgrading to First Class by using JMB FLY ON Prgram benefits, such as International Flight Upgrade Certificate, is not available.

Boarding procedures

  1. First Class passengers can also use Self Service Check-in and Ticketing Kiosk for check-in.

    About Self Service Check-in and Ticketing Kiosk

  2. All fares will be eligible for upgrade to First Class with additional charge on the departure date at the airport if seats are available.
    • *Upgrade can be applied on Self Service Check-in and Ticketing Kiosk
    • *Upgrade can also be applied after check-in.
  3. Please request the airport staff to issue an stand-by slip for you if you would like to stand by at the airport for the upgrade.
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