When to start booking your domestic flight

Reservation accepted from Reservation accepted at
9:30 AM on the same calendar date of 2 months prior to flight departure date
*Exceptions apply for some fare types
  • JAL website
  • JAL call center (Domestic Reservation and Information)
  • JAL Group city or airport ticketing counter for domestic flight
  • Designated travel agents

If no same calendar date exists 2 months prior to the departure date

Departure on
April 29 or 30
Reservation accepted from 9:30 AM on February 28 (or February 29 in a leap year)
Departure on August 31 Reservation accepted from 9:30 AM on June 30
Departure on January 31 Reservation accepted from 9:30 AM on November 30

Exceptions apply for some fare types

SAKITOKU Advance Purchase Fare

How to book and purchase SAIKITOKU Advance Purchase Fare

Transit Fare 28

Please check the fare regulations for the reservation dates.

Regulations of Transit Fare


  • If you have an open ticket, please provide the Order Number or Ticket Number ticket when making a reservation.
  • If you have several bookings which cannot be actually used in terms of the itinerary, we may request you to clear the duplicated reservations.
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