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Learn about the latest offers and our recommendation for domestic travel in Japan.

JAL Holiday Plan

Looking for ideas and deals for your next holiday getaway or weekend trip in Japan?
See our well-planned itinerary and special offers covering air ticket, accommodation, car rental and more.

Resort & Onsen (hot spring)

Lose the cares of the busy everyday life. Pamper yourself with unique experiences in Japan's beach and hot spring resorts. Here are our top highlights for you.

Kohama Island (Okinawa)

Discover the beauty of Okinawa's coral island and relax yourself at Japan's southernmost resort with stunning starry sky.

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Enjoy hot spring, Aomori's folk culture, fun activities and Japanese Ryokan's hospitality provided by Hoshino Resort.

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Seasonal picks

Mother nature has bestowed Japan's winter not only on spectacular scenery, but also enchanting wildlife.

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