How to display receipt online

The Web Receipt Display Service is only available in Japanese currently. You may follow the guide below to use this service.
The Web Receipt Display Service can be used if you purchased your ticket on the JAL website, by telephone, at a JAL Group Domestic Ticket Counter, or at a convenience store.

  • *Customers must check for themselves whether a printout of the screen displayed by this service can be used for accounting purposes.
Receipt Issuance

STEP1Display the ticket information

Customers who have already reserved or purchased a domestic route ticket should place the cursor on the (A) button and then click on the (B) button (second from the right) from the displayed menu.

  • *You can also proceed to the receipt screen from the button below.

Display receipt online (in Japanese)

Domestic Flights HOME

Domestic Flights HOME

STEP2Select payment date (purchase/reissue date)

Click on the "領収書表示", select either of the payment dates of the ticket, (A) paid on/before November 15, 2017, or (B) paid after November 16, 2017, to display the receipt.

e ticket search information page

STEP3Search your ticket information

Enter the passenger name (A: last name, B: first name) and the order number (C), and then click on the red button (D) on the bottom right to search your ticket information.

Search ticket information

Search ticket information

STEP4Select your ticket information to display receipt

Confirm the details (B-E) and then click on the button (A) on the left to select your history.

Purchase History Search Results

purchase history search results display

  • A Select
  • B Settlement date
  • C Settlement amount
  • D Departure date, segment
  • E Reference number

STEP5 Confirm details of your ticket information

Confirm the details (A-D) and then click on the button (E) on the bottom right to proceed to Receipt Screen.

Purchase history details

purchase history details display

  • A Settlement date
  • B Flight information
  • C Passenger name
  • D Total purchase amount

STEP6Enter adressee name and display receipt

Select and enter the required items (A-C) and then click on the button (D) on the bottom right to Display Receipt.

Enter adressee name and display receipt

confirmation display to print your receipt

  • A Addressee name (can be left blank)
  • B Display receipt for passenger
  • C Place checkmark if you do not wish to display flight details.

STEP7Your web receipt

Your receipt will be displayed. Please print your receipt using the print function on your browser.

receipt sample

  • A This section will not be displayed if (C) is checked on the previous page.


  • Customers should check for themselves whether this self-print receipt format is accepted for accounting use or not.
  • If your itineray contains multiple flight segments, and you made reservation change after boarding some of the flights, the boarded flight will not be shown in the flight details. This may cause the sum of fare breakdown in flight details may not match the total amount shown on the receipt.

The following receipt cannot be displayed online. Pleasecontact us (Domestic Reservation and Information)for further assistance.

Domestic Reservation and Information

  • Receipts for Okinawa to/from Kitadaito via Minamidaito, or Okinawa to/from Minamidaito via Kitadaito route tickets transfering on the same day (*)
  • Receipts for ticket prices that exclude First Class and Class J charges
  • Receipts for Ticket Refund and Cancellation Charges (*)

You may also apply the receipt for the total paid amount for your ticket and those receipts with asterick (*) above via the online application form below. (Receipt will be sent by post mail.)

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