Transit Fare 28

Online booking : Yes
Online purchase : Yes

Applicable for flights booked and purchased up to 28 days prior to departure.


For ticket purchased after November 16, 2017, class of service cannot be changed. To change the class, passengers will be required to refund the original ticket and purchase another ticket of the new class. Refunds will be subject to Refund Charge and Cancellation Charge.

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Fare regulations

Conditions For applicable flights and fares, please see Fare setting.
Valid for connections made on the same day as departure for special routes.
The fare may not be applicable on some flights.
Booking and Purchase Booking is available up to 28 days prior to the departure date. Ticket for all sectors must be purchased at the same time, prior to the commencement of the trip.
[ Payment Instructions ]
Day of Booking Ticket Purchase Deadline
Booking made 2 months prior to the departure date or earlier. No later than 2 months* and 2 days prior to the departure date.
(* based on the same date in the calendar months)
Booking made during the period between 2 months* to 30 days prior to the departure date.
(* based on the same date in the calendar months)
Within 3 days of the date of booking.
Booking made 28 or 29 days prior to the departure date. No later than 28 days prior to the departure date.
  • * Once the booking is completed, please confirm the date of the payment deadline online on the Completed Reservation page. In case of multi sector booking in one itinerary, the ticket purchase deadline will be set according to the departure date.
  • * When a child (between the age of 3 and 11) is booked at the same time as an adult flying with a Transit Fare 28, the lower of the Child Fare and the Transit Fare 28 is automatically selected. Child Fare are available for purchase 91 days before the departure date. (counting the day the reservation is made)
  • * When making a separate booking for a child where Child Fare is lower than Transit Fare 28 but Child Fare is not yet on sale (until two months prior to departure), please contact JAL Domestic Reservation and Information.
Booking Change Change of booking is NOT permitted. Ticket is valid for the reserved flights only.
It is also not permitted to change to an earlier same-sector of JAL Group flight at the departing airport on the day of travel.
  • Change of class is permitted on the same flight (subject to seat availability) and must be made by the reservation deadline (28 days prior to departure).
    Change of class is subject to additional charge.
Seat availability The number of available seats is limited.
This discount fare is not applicable to all flights.
Refund Refunds are not available after using a portion or for partial portions.
A Cancellation Charge of approximately 50% of the fare or equivalent, plus a ¥430 Refund Charge will be incurred per ticket regardless of the date of cancellation. Ticket refund is accepted no later than 10 days after the ticket validity expired.
Touch & Go boarding Applicable
First Class Advance booking for First Class is NOT available.
If there are seats available in First Class on the day of departure at the airport, First Class is available with an additional charge.
Class J Advance booking for Class J is available.
Class J seats are subject to availability and may not be available on all flights.
Class J is available with an additional charge.
Mileage Accumulation Rate 75%
First Class 125%   Class J 85%

Fare setting

Please search flight availability to check the fares for flights.

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