JMB Companion Fare

Online booking : Yes
(except for combination with different fares)
Online purchase : Yes

Exclusive offer for JAL Mileage Bank (JMB) member and accompanying companions of two to four persons when traveling together on the same roundtrip in the same class. JMB member must redeem the trip by using his accumulated mileage (10,000 miles).

Fare Regulations

Conditions For available routes and fare amount, please contact JAL Domestic Reservations.
Applicable to group of 2 to 4 passengers including a JMB member where all group members fly on the same route and same class on roundtrip. JMB member must redeem the trip by using his accumulated mileage (10,000 miles).
Please be advised that only one JMB member may purchase the ticket with his miles.
Applicable Periods For flights until October 28, 2017.
  • * Blackout period: From August 4 to 15, 2017.(Both outbound and inbound flight.)
Booking and Purchase Available between 9:30, 28 days prior and 23:59, 4 days prior to the outbound departure date.

Booking and Ticket Purchase is only available online.
Please login with the JMB member who will be purchasing the ticket by using accumulated mileage. Wait listing is not permitted.

JMB member may purchase the ticket by using member's accumulated mileage.
Accompanying companions may purchase the ticket by credit card.
The ticket must be purchased at the time of booking.
All tickets for the group, including the JMB member, must be booked and purchased at the same time. Additional companions may not be accepted after ticket purchase.
Booking Change Change is NOT permitted except for an earlier same-sector JAL Group flight at the departing airport on the day of travel, provided that all members of the group still travel together (subject to seat availability).
Limitation of Available Seats The number of available seats is limited.
This discount fare is not applicable to all flights.
Seats may become available on fully-booked flights due to cancellations.
(Please be advised that reservations cannot be changed.)
Refund Refunds cannot be made for partially used tickets. Cancellation of group member(s) is accepted only when the total number of passengers traveling in the group, including the JMB member, remains to be two or more after cancellation.
In case of cancellation by the JMB member or cancellation of all of the travel companions, all tickets for the entire group including the JMB member must be refunded. Under such circumstances, the redeemed mileage cannot be refunded. For refund of companion tickets, a Cancellation Charge of approximately 50% of the fare or equivalent, plus a ¥430 Refund Charge will be incurred per ticket regardless of the date of cancellation. Refund must be made within 10 days after the ticket's expiration date.
Touch & Go boarding Not available
First Class Advance booking for First Class is NOT available.
If there are seats available in First Class on the day of departure at the airport, First Class is available with an additional charge.
JAL First Class Surcharge coupons may be used to upgrade the travel. (Mileage cannot be used for upgrade.)
Class J

Advance booking for Class J is only available if all members of the group (including the JMB member) fly Class J.
Class J seats are subject to availability and may not be available on all flights.
Class J is available with the following additional charges: for JMB members: 1,000 miles, for travel companions: ¥1,000 per sector.) JAL Class J Surcharge coupons or upgrade coupons may be used to upgrade the travel.
(Please be advised, however, that Class J Surcharge for a JMB member may not be payable with miles for some itineraries or passengers when coupons or upgrade coupons are used. )

Changes from Economy to Class J seats will be subject to a charge of ¥1,000 for each sector. (Please be advised that mileage cannot be used for upgrades to Class J.) Class J may be offered at the airport on the day of departure if such seats are available on your flight.

Changes from Class J to Economy Class seats: Please be advised that the 1,000 miles used for the Class J Surcharge for a JMB member is non-refundable.

Reminder for check-in All members of the group (JMB member and their travel companions) must check-in at the same time.
JMB Companion Fare will not be valid when two or more members of the group, including the JMB member, cannot travel.
Mileage Accumulation Rate 75% (Available only for travel companions)
First Class 125%   Class J 85%
  • * Please be advised that itineraries redeemed by miles are NOT eligible for Flight Miles, Fly On Points and will not count towards JMB members' number of flights.
  • * This offer is not available in conjunction with any other offers or promotions.
  • * Child Fare is not applicable for this fare type.
  • * Please be advised that a Passenger Facility Charge will be added to fares for flights departing from and arriving at Haneda, Narita, Chubu and Kitakyushu Airports. Also, please be advised that fare amount may change without notice.
    For details, please check Notification of ticket handling (for purchased ticket).

Fare setting

Price of fares may differ according to your departure date.

Effective from March 26 to October 28, 2017.

Period 3: Mar. 26 - 31, Jul. 14 - Aug. 3, Aug.16 - 31
Period 2: Apr. 28 - May. 7
Period 1: Apr. 1 - 27, May.8 - Jul. 13, Sep. 1 - Oct. 28

Effective from October 30, 2016 to March 25, 2017.

Period 2: Mar. 17 - 25
Period 1: Oct. 30 - Dec. 21, Jan.4 - Mar. 16

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