The opening and the relocation of New Ishigaki Airport

The New Ishigaki Airport will open and relocate from the current Ishigaki Airport on March 7 (Thursday), 2013.
The location will be different from the current Ishigaki Airport so please check before your departure.

【The opening date of New Ishigaki Airport】 March 7 (Thursday), 2013

【The New Ishigaki Airport address】 1960 - 104 - 1, Aza shiraho, Ishigaki, Okinawa1

◆To Ishigaki City ( Ishigaki Harbor etc.) : 30 minutes by car

The public transportation details are not yet fixed so please check updates before departure.

Terminal Map


Please pass through the security checkpoint at least 15 minutes prior to the departure, and be at the gate no later than 10minutes before the departure,or you may not be able to be on board the plane.

[ 1st Floor ]
[ 1st Floor ]

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