These Conditions of Carriage are applicable on/after 16 November, 2017; in case renewal of passenger service system is delayed, until the completion of the renewal, the provisions below will be applied for sub-paragraph (2) of paragraph (A) of Article 4 and sub-paragraph (4) of paragraph (A) of Article 7. When delayed, the status of the system renewal will be informed through the JAL website or by other means.


(A) General

(2) JAL will collect ticket service charges and exchange/reissue service charges at the time of Ticket issue or each time of Ticket exchange/reissue as a result of a Rerouting upon a Passenger's request pursuant to JAL's Regulations. The service charges are non-refundable for Voluntary Refunds. For Involuntary Refunds, JAL will refund the service charges in accordance with JAL's Regulations.


(A) Rerouting Requested by Passenger

(4) The fares and charges applicable after a Rerouting shall be those which, as of the date of issue, were intended to apply on the date of commencement of the Carriage; provided that a Passenger, whose Ticket is all unused, requests Rerouting on a Flight coupon for the first international sector, the fares and charges applicable after a Rerouting shall be those applicable on the date on which the change is made and reflected on the Ticket.