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Boeing 777-300 (Star Jet)
Boeing and a group of airlines working together in a unique design project jointly developed the revolutionary 777 two-engine jet. Low fuel consumption and low noise levels are the key features of this very modern aircraft, which is winning praise for airlines and passenger alike for its high reliability and comfort. The 300 series is the stretched version of the 777 design and at 73.9 meters long - longer than a 747 - is the longest commercial airliner in current service.
Boeing777(JAL fleet) is called "Star Jet", and the name of the star is named one.

length 73.9m
width 60.9m
height 18.5m
engine thrust 40,800kg×2
standard number of seats 470
cruising speed 905km/h
maximum take off weight 237.0t
maximum range 11,030km