JAL Aircraft collection Mcdonnell Douglas MD-90


The MD-90 uses the V2500 engine, which offers improved fuel-efficiency combined with reduced noise levels and emissions. Unlike the MD-81 and MD-87 aircraft, the MD-90 offers audio and video amenities including small video monitors that can be stored away in overhead stowage bins.

Length 46.5m
Wingspan 32.9m
Height 9.4m
Engine thrust 11339kgx2
Standard seating capacity 166
Cruising speed 815km/h
Maximum take-off weight 71t
Range 2,330km


Class J Class J
Economy Class Economy Class

Domestic Flights

  • *The aircraft currently used by the Domestic flight.
  • *Operating aircraft and seating configurations are subject to change without prior notice.
Class J Economy Class Total
Row 1-5Row 15-41Row
Seat 18 132 150

Emergency Exit 1Row Front
30Row Front
31Row Front
39Row Front
L:Lavatory(*:Lavatory for wheelchair passengers +:Lavatory with Diaper Shelf) 1Row Front(L*)
41Row Rear(L+)
41Row Rear(L*)
Emergency Exit row seat 30ACHJK
No Reclining 37AC
No Window Baby Bassinet

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