JAL Aircraft collection Airbus A300-600R


The A300-600R entered service in 1991 as the main successor in the A300 family. This aircraft is capable of being flown by a two-person cockpit crew consisting of the pilot and co-pilot, and does not require a flight engineer. The A300-600R is notable for its "wingtip fences."

Length 54.1m
Wingspan 44.8m
Height 16.5m
Engine thrust 26308kgx2
Standard seating capacity 292
Cruising speed 848km/h
Maximum take-off weight 172t
Range 3,890km


Class J Class J
Economy Class Economy Class

Domestic Flights

  • *The aircraft currently used by the Domestic flight.
  • *Operating aircraft and seating configurations are subject to change without prior notice.
Class J Economy Class Total
Row 1-5Row 8-42Row
Seat 34 256 290

Emergency Exit 1Row Front
9Row Front
30Row Front
41Row Rear
L:Lavatory(*:Lavatory for wheelchair passengers +:Lavatory with Diaper Shelf) 1Row Front
1Row Front(L*)
42Row Rear
42Row Rear(L+*)
Emergency Exit row seat 9ABGH
No Reclining
No Window 12AH Baby Bassinet

opens in new windowInformation for Passenger requesting Emergency Exit row seat