Boeing737-400(734) / Aircrafts and seats

This next-generation aircraft is a derivative of the 737 family and is equipped with a new engine and other enhancements including the latest in electronic systems.

  Domestic Flights
Inflight Wi-Fi Not available
Power outlet Not available

Seat configurations (Domestic Flights)

  • *The aircraft currently used by the Domestic flight.
  • *Operating aircraft and seating configurations are subject to change without prior notice.
  • *Depending on the seating capacity, the size of your Free carry-on baggage allowance that can be brought into the cabin varies.


V51/V55 (Total seating capacity: 145)

  • Emergency Exit
  • Emergency Exit row seat
  • No window
  • L:Lavatory(*:Lavatory for wheelchair passengers +:Lavatory with Diaper Shelf)
  • Baby bassinet
  • No reclining

V51/V55 Seatmap

opens in new windowInformation for Passenger requesting Emergency Exit row seat

  • Seat configurations details
    Emergency Exit 1Row Front, 13Row Front, 14Row Front, 27Row Rear
    Emergency Exit row seat 13ABCHJK, 14ABCHJK

    opens in new windowInformation for Passenger requesting Emergency Exit row seat.

    ( *: Lavatory for wheelchair passengers
    +: Lavatory with Diaper Shelf )
    1Row Front(L+), 27Row Rear(L+)
    No reclining 13AK
    No window 9AK
    Baby bassinet -
Seat specifications by class
Class Class J Economy class

opens in new windowClass J

opens in new windowEconomy class

Power outlet Not available
Inflight Wi-Fi Not available
Row 1-4Row 7-27Row
Seating capacity 20 125


Length 36.4m Wingspan 28.9m
Height 11.1m Engine thrust 10.6t2
Standard seating capacity 145 or 150 Cruising speed 798km/h
Maximum take-off weight 62.8t Range 3,320km

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