Promotion Period:January 1, 2015 (Fri.) - March 31, 2016 (Thu.)[Flight Date]

Nagoya (Chubu)-Bangkok Route One Year Anniversary Business Class Double FLY ON Points Promotion

Earn double FLY ON Points when you fly on Nagoya (Chubu)-Bangkok routes with eligible booking classes during the promotion period!What are FLY ON Points? For every flight you take on JAL Group and oneworld flights with fares eligible for JMB miles, you will earn FLY ON Points that are calculated based on flight miles. Based on the FLY ON Points earned during the calendar year, you can qualify for the appropriate FLY ON tier level and take advantage of the wide variety of services offered according to tier level under the FLY ON Program. * FLY ON Points differ from flight miles, which are used to redeem award tickets and other JMB awards. For detailes of Service Status For details of FLY ON Point

Promotion Period

January 1, 2015 (Fri) - March 31, 2016 (Thu.) [Flight Date]

In order to qualify for the promotion,members must register before travel.
Bonus FLY ON Points cannot be accumulated without registration made before travel. Registration after travel is not eligible.

Eligible Members

JAL Mileage Bank (JMB) Members who have registered for the promotion.

Eligible Routes

JAL International Nagoya (Chubu) - Bangkok route JL737 / JL738

  • * Not valid for codeshare flights.

Eligible Fare and Booking Classes

Business class with following booking classes:
Applicable booking classes J / C / D / X / I

Promotion Outline

Double FLY ON Points will be credited after an eligible flight/route has been taken with an eligible booking class during the promotion period.

For example, if a traveler flies the Nagoya (Chubu) - Bangkok (JL737 / JL738) route round-trip on business class fares (booked in class C):
Standard  mileage (one-way) 5,019Points + More FLY ON Points Promotion (Until December 31, 2016) *Only JAL flights are eligible for this promotion. 400 Points + FLY ON Point bonus awarded in this promotion one-way 5,019 Points → FLY ON Points earned by flying one-way during the promotion  period 10,438 Points Members can earn 20,876 Points by flying round-trip For details.

Note / Conditions of Use

  • * We would appreciate your cooperation with the questionnaire sent to you by email after the promotion.
    If you have not registered a PC email address , please register for the promotion after you have registered your PC email address.
  • * Promotion registration is required even if a member is already registered for other promotions.
  • * Bonus FLY ON Points will be credited automatically at the same time as corresponding FLY ON Points.
  • * If you are eligible for more than one FLY ON promotion, you will not be eligible to receive the benefits from each of those promotions and will instead earn FLY ON Points from the promotion that offers the most points.
  • * If you are eligible for this promotion in addition to the "JALCARD Members Only First Flight FLY ON Point Bonus Promotion" and "More FLY ON Points Promotion, you will be eligible to receive the benefits from all of these promotions.

Procedure for the promotion application and registration

For JMB members

Register for the promotion by accessing through the following button.

if you are not a JMB member yet

Join the JAL Mileage Bank now and register the promotion.
Enrollment fee Annual fee Free of charge
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