Earn more mileage. Promotion period: Until March 31, 2018 (Sat) [Flight date]

JAL International Route Offered exclusively to JAL Family Club members. JAL Family Club Flight Bonus Mile Promotion Earn 300 mailes every time you fly!

By registering for this promotion from the JAL website before flight departure, 300 bonus miles will be credited to each JAL Family Club member (primary member and family members) who takes JAL international flights to or from Japan during the promotion period on eligible fares.

Promotion Period

Until March 31, 2018 (Sat) (Flight date)

In order to qualify for this promotion, members must register before travel.
Bonus mileage cannot be accumulated without registration made before travel. Registration after travel is not eligible.

  • * Once registered, registration is valid throughout the promotion period. You do not need to register for each flight.
  • * Registration is required per JAL Family Club member.

Eligible Members

JAL Family Club members living overseas who have already registered for this promotion

Members who registered for JAL Family Club in Japan prior to moving overseas

Please register for the promotion after the primary member moves overseas.
(Promotion registration is not accepted prior to moving overseas.)
This promotion will apply when members fly on eligible flights with eligible fares after moving overseas and registering for the promotion.

Eligible Routes

JAL international flights to and from Japan (includes code-share flights with JAL flight numbers)

Eligible Fare and Booking Classes

Fares are eligible when the class printed in the Class column on the flight ticket matches one of the following.
F, A, J, C, D, X, I, W, E*, Y, B, H, K, M, L, V, S

  • * Package tours are not eligible.

Promotion Outline

300 miles will be credited after an eligible flight/route has been taken with an eligible booking class during the promotional period.

For example,if you travel on New York - Tokyo (Narita) route round-trip in Business Class (booked in C class):

For JAL Family Club Members

Flight Mileage Bonus Mileage Total
16,842 miles
(125% of Sector Mileage)
+ 300 miles double (round-trip) = 17,442 miles

About Bonus Mileage / FLY ON Points

  • * Bonus mileage will be automatically credited at the same time as the corresponding flight mileage.
  • * Bonus mileage does not count towards FLY ON elite status qualification.
  • * Members who have registered for other flight mileage promotions will also be eligible to receive bonus miles from this promotion.

Note / Conditions of Use

To accumulate mileage, you need to provide your membership number at the time of booking or before departure.

How to register for this promotion

After logging in to your account, click "Available services/promotions" on the Mileage tab to proceed to the promotion registration screen.

How to enroll in JAL Family Club

For JMB members

Click the following button to access "JALFC Enrollment Application".

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