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Hawaii Island Charter Award Ticket Promotion (Limited time offer - July and August Only!)

Use miles for air travel on JAL charter flights to Hawaii Island!

Eligible members

JAL Mileage Bank(JMB) Members

Eligible routes and flights

JAL charter flights bound for Hawaii Island

  • * Departure from countries other than Japan will not be permitted.
  • * Itinerary including Japan domestic sectors will not be permitted.
  • * Bookings must be for round-trip travel with fixed outbound and return flights. There is no flexibility allowed in choosing outbound and return flights. Travelers taking a flight departing from Tokyo on July 23 must take their return flight on July 27. An itinerary cannot be rearranged to combine, for example, a July 23 outbound flight with a July 31 return flight.
  • * All passengers will pass through U.S. immigration and customs at Honolulu but will not be allowed to stay in Honolulu.
Outbound flight Return flight
Route Departure date Departure Arrival Route Departure date Departure Arrival
Tokyo (Narita) - Honolulu July 23 19:00 07:30 Hawaii Island (Kona) - Tokyo (Narita) July 27 11:30 14:40 +1
Honolulu - Hawaii Island (Kona) July 23 09:05 10:00
Tokyo (Narita) - Honolulu July 27 19:00 07:30 Hawaii Island (Kona) - Tokyo (Narita) July 31 12:00 15:10 +1
Honolulu - Hawaii Island (Kona) July 27 09:05 10:00
Tokyo (Narita) - Honolulu August 16 18:45 07:15 Hawaii Island (Kona) - Tokyo (Narita) August 20 11:30 14:10 +1
Honolulu - Hawaii Island (Kona) August 16 09:00 09:55

+1 : Arrives a day after the date of departure

  • * This is the flight schedule as of July 3, 2014.

Flight plans and schedules are subject to approval by the relevant government authorities.
Please note that schedules and operating aircraft may be subject to change without prior notice.
For information on the final operating schedule, please visit this webpage on the day before your flight.

Eligible Class and Required Mileage

The required mileage has been changed for the itinerary departing on July 23.
<Flights departing on July 23>
Economy Class : 40,000 miles
Raku-Raku seat : 60,000 miles

<Flights departing on July 27>
Economy Class : 50,000 miles
Raku-Raku seat : 70,000 miles

<Flights departing on August 16>
Economy Class: 60,000 miles
Raku-Raku seat: 80,000 miles

  • * Itineraries cannot be arranged to include both an Economy Class seat and a Raku-Raku seat.

What is a Raku-Raku seat?
These are seats that follow our comfortable JAL Business Class specifications.
The checked baggage allowance, in-flight meals, and all other in-flight services will be the same as those offered to Economy Class passengers. Business Class check-in counters, airport lounge access, priority boarding, and other JAL Business Class services will not be available for use.

For reservations

Reservations for this promotion will only be accepted by phone.
Please contact International and Award Reservations Desk or your region's JMB Center.


Award tickets issued through this promotion are valid only for the flight and date originally reserved.


  • Deadline for award booking shall be 12:00 4 days prior to departure date.
  • All award reservations completed without using this promotion cannot be changed to those using discount.
  • This award may not be combined with other promotions.
  • Web Check-In Service is not accepted.
  • Seat assignments for charter flights from Japan are not available after 17:00 the day before departure.
    Seat assignments for charter flights for Japan are not available after 17:00 (local time) 2days before departure.
  • For all other condition of use concerning application and usage International Upgrade Awards, JAL International Award Tickets rules will apply. For further details, please refer click here. ( Japan Region, American Region, Europe / Middle East / Africa Region, Asia / Oceania Region)

Change to Awards After Mileage Redemption

Reservation changes are not permitted.
Cancellation or refund for an unused award is only possible before commencement of travel.

Mileage Reinstatement Service for Unused Awards

  • Cancellation or refund is only possible before commencement of travel. If reservation is not cancelled before departure, award mileage cannot be refunded.
  • The award can only be reinstated for totally unused award by paying the applicable fee.
  • The refund charge is 3,100 miles or 3,100 Japanese Yen.

Procedure for the promotion application and registration

  • Please contact the JMB International Award Reservations Desk or JMB Center of your membership registration and request the 'discount mileage promotion'.

    • < For members in Japan Region >

      JMB International and Award Reservations Desk(Toll call)
      0570-025-121/03-6733-3062 (by using IP-phone or overseas call)
      8:00-19:00(7 days a week) The content of conversation with the customer may be recorded or monitored to ensure quality service.

    • < For members in regions other than Japan >

      JMB Center or reservation desk of your membership registration

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