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JAL International Award Tickets Mile Flight on Guam Discount mile promotion  You can redeem round-trip tickets of Mile Flight scheduled in Nov. 2013 - Mar. 2014 with less standard mileage.

Eligible flights

It is necessary to apply for round-trip tickets in the following Mile Flight on Tokyo(Narita) - Guam route.

Eligible sector Departure date Eligible flight Departure Arrival   Eligible sector Departure date Eligible flight Departure Arrival
Tokyo(Narita) → Guam November 21, 2013 JL8949 9:00 13:40 Guam → Tokyo(Narita) December 1, 2013 JL8940 16:40 19:25
Tokyo(Narita) → Guam February 9, 2014 JL8949 9:00 13:40 Guam → Tokyo(Narita) February 17, 2014 JL8940 16:40 19:25
Tokyo(Narita) → Guam March 13, 2014 JL8949 9:00 13:40 Guam → Tokyo(Narita) March 20, 2014 JL8940 16:40 19:25
  • - Please note that in-flight sales are not available on the flights listed above due to aircraft type.
  • - Please note that there are only a few more seats available.
  • - For the details of Mile Flight, please clilck here..
  • - This is the flight schedule as of September 12, 2013.
    Departure/arrival times of round-trips by extra flights may change due to scheduling of airports for their departures/arrivals. Please confirm the final operation schedule on this page one day before your departure.

Eligible members

JAL Mileage Bank(JMB) Members

Eligible Classes and Required Mileage

Itineraries with the same or mixed classes are eligible for this discount.
(The total mileage required will be the sum of half of the mileage or the different classes)

Economy class Business class
Standard required mileage Required mileage during promotion period Standard required mileage Required mileage during promotion period
20,000 ⇒14,000 40,000 ⇒28,000

Note/Conditions of Use

  • - Deadline for award booking shall be 12:00 4 days prior to departure date.
  • - This award may not be combined with other promotions.
  • - Reservation changes are not permitted.
  • - Waitlisted reservations are ineligible for this promotion.
  • - If you do not board the reserved flight without prior notice, the award ticket will become void.
  • - You may cancel your reserved flight or apply refund to your tickets before the departure of your flights. The refund charge is 3000 miles or 3000 Japanese Yen.
    If you have not applied for flight cancellation before your departure,you may not be able to receive refund for your award ticket.
  • - There are various conditions of use for online application. Please carefully refer to all other conditions that have not been mentioned above. Reservations that do not satisfy the conditions are ineligible for this discount.
  • - For all other condition of use concerning application and usage International Upgrade Awards, JAL International Award Tickets rules will apply. For further details, please refer here (Japan Region, American Region, Europe/Middle East/Africa Region, Asia/Oceania Region).

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For American Region, Europe/Middle East/Africa Region and Asia/Oceania Region, Please refer to the guide below.

Special promotion to accumulate more hotel mileage!

Book your hotel with award tickets now!
We are informing of the most recommendable popular hotel in the above route!

Hotel Nikko Guam

Hotel Nikko Guamis a spectacular wing-shaped international-style deluxe resort hotel nestled between Tumon Bay and Gun Beach. Surrounding the cape which lies to the north of Tumon Bay, the hotel shows you a panoramic view of stretching beach resort comprised of hotel alleys while you enjoy the fantastic natural scenery including Two Lovers Point at Gun Beach. All of the luxury hotel rooms offer spacious private balconies and ocean views, complimented with beautiful sunsets. Being adjacent to the beach with a full of private atmosphere, the hotel is still proud of its kid's swimming pool, baby paddling pool and big splashing water slider along with main swimming pool.
Enjoy snorkeling to witness a plenty of tropical fish under the sea! You will be most relaxed and enjoy a whole day with the assistance of a rental counter at the beach or the poolside bar that caters cold drinks and snacks.
Inside of the hotel, an authentic Japanese restaurant, Chinese restaurant and buffet-style restaurant will welcome you. Also we are offering many attractive events such as Magic Dinner Show as well as the Sunset BBQ entertained by Fire Dance Show on the beach that will certainly contribute to making your resort life. (During the promotion period, some repair work for a part of the facilities will be proceeded.)

Promotion period

Nov. 1, 2013 - Mar. 20, 2014

The promotion includes

In addition to the standard mileage awards of J-SMART 200 plan (accumulates 200 mileage per night), we will offer one extra free breakfast coupon per bed in this promotion exclusive to guests who booked 3 consecutive nights and over.
Needless to say, we will accommodate you in a oceanfront room.
The breakfast coupon may be exchangeable to lunch for late risers who become active to explore in the afternoon. Award 1: Accumulates 200 miles per night at a JMB hotel.
Award 2: During your stay, we offer a free breakfast at Benkay or Magellan (excluding a bed-sharing baby).
Or you can change the above to luncheon buffet at Magellan (excluding Sundays and public holiday brunches) or to the lunch coupon menu at Benkay.

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