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Palau Charter Award Ticket Reservations

opens in new windowEffective November 16, 2017, there will be some changes to mileage-related handling procedures due to scheduled transformation of Passenger Service System.

Thank you for choosing the JAL Group.
Reservations for Palau charter flights in December and January will be accepted on/after November 21 due to the transformation of JAL Group's Passenger Service System that is scheduled to take place on November16, 2017.

Eligible members

JAL Mileage Bank (JMB) Members

Eligible routes and flights

JAL charter flight to Palau

  • - This campaign is available for Japan-Palau routes only. For connections from outside Japan, tickets to/from Japan must be arranged separately.
  • - Departure from countries other than Japan will not be permitted.
  • - Itinerary including Japan domestic sectors will not be permitted.
Route Dep.Date Dep. Time* Arr. Time   Route Dep.Dat Dep. Time* Arr. Time*   Date and time of starting accepting reservation
Tokyo(Narita)→Palau December 30 10:00 14:50   Palau→Tokyo(Narita) January 3 16:20 20:40

From 10:00
(Japan time) on November 21,

Tokyo(Narita)→Palau January 3 10:00 14:50   Palau→Tokyo(Narita) January 7 16:20 20:40
  • * This is the flight schedule as of October 18, 2017.
    Time of departure/arrival of charter flights may be changed for the reason that adjustment of landing slot is necessary.
    Please confirm your final flight schedule on this page one day prior to the day of your departure.
  • * The number of seats available for charter flights may be limited, or may not be available. Appreciate your understanding.

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Eligible Class and Required Mileage

Economy Class  Required Mileage 40,000

  • - In addition to required mileage, Fuel Surcharge and other taxes will be assessed.
  • - Upon leaving Palau, US$20.00 as Departure Tax will be collected (children under 3 years of age are exempt) in addition to US$30.00 as Green Fee (to support Palau's environmental preservation), totaling US$50.00 payable in cash or by credit card.
  • - The number of seats available for award travel may be limited, or may not be available.

Notes/Conditions of Use

  • - Only online application is accepted. Reservation requests by telephone are not permitted.
  • - Deadline for award booking shall be 12:00 4 days prior to departure date.
  • - This campaign cannot be used in conjunction with any other campaigns.
  • - One-way award tickets are not permitted.
  • - One waitlisted reservation is permitted for each way of the journey. Waitlisted reservation changes are not permitted.
  • - Reservation changes are not permitted.
  • - Web Check-In Service is not accepted.
  • - If you do not board the reserved flight without prior notice, the award ticket will become void.
  • - A refund charge of JPY3,100 (or the local currency equivalent for regions other than Japan) is required per passenger per award. Payment must be made by credit card.
  • - Reservation cancellation/refund is permitted only before the commencement of travel. If JAL is not contacted to cancel the reservation before flight departure, the miles used for the award ticket will not be refunded.
  • - When applying for the campaign through JAL website, please check other conditions as well. If reservations do not meet the conditions of use, they will not be accepted.
  • - For all other condition of use concerning application and usage International Upgrade Awards, JAL International Award Tickets rules will apply. For further details, please refer here.

How to apply for this campaign
Please click the button located on the right hand side and proceed on to the reservation screen. Palau Charter Award Ticket Reservations

Please print out your e-ticket passenger receipt or receive an e-ticket passenger receipt by fax, then bring your e-ticket passenger receipt to the airport on the day of departure.