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JAL Web Site Only. JALCARD members can save even more miles. Introducing the new "JALCARD Domestic Award Ticket". JALCARD Domestic Award Tickets JALCARD members can save 1,000miles, for standard mile awards! Period:Apr.01(Mon), 2013-Mar.31(Tue), 2015 (Flight Date) *Reservations will be accepted from 9:30 a.m. (Japan time)(same date of the month.)2 months befor the day of departure. For reservation acceptance period, please refer here. Applicatiom Method of Award Tickets For reservation acceptance period, please refer here. Applicatiom Method of Award Tickets

Eligible boarding period

Period:Apr.01(Tue), 2014-Mar.31(Tue), 2015 (Flight Date)

  • *Journeys should start and end within the discount period.

Application period

From 09:30(Japan time) two months before the flight date until 23:59*, 4 days before the flight date

  • * However, if the itinerary is within 15 days from the flight date of the 1st sector, and where Return Trip Confirmation Service has been applied, reservations for the 2nd sector onward may be made more than 2 months before.
  • * Conditions apply to Return Trip Confirmation Service..

Eligible members

JALCARD members who newly applied for Domestic Award Tickets JALCARD Mileage and only through JAL website.

Eligible routes

JAL Group Airlines domestic routes, JAC, JTA and RAC

  • * Code-share flights operated by other airlines (such as Fuji Dream Airlines) will not be eligible for JAL Group Airlines Domestic Award Tickets.
  • * You may choose to use any 2 or 1 of the routes. Furthermore, only direct flights may be used for all sectors.

Required mileage

<Regular Seat>

  • * Award issued for child (between three and eleven years of age) and infant (between eight days and two years of age) occupying a seat require the same mileage as those issued for adults.
  • * Combination of this promotion and the others is not possible.
    ex) A combination of a round-trip ticket issued in this discount together with a standard-issue one-way award ticket → Not available.

<Class J>

2,000miles are required per 1 flight sector per person(4,000 miles for 2 flight sectors) in addition to the mileage required for the Regular Seat award ticket.

[2 flight sectors in 1 award for Zone A] Usual Mileage: Regular Seat  12,000 Miles Class J Seat  16,000 Miles. JALCARD Mileage: 11,000 Miles(2 Sectors)  Class J Seat  15,000 Miles(2 Sectors). [1 flight sectors in 1 award for Zone A]: Usual Mileage  Regular Seat  9,000 Miles  Class J Seat  11,000 Miles - JALCARD Mileage: Regular Seat 8,500 Miles(2 sectors) Class J Seat 10,500 Miles(2 sectors)

<When using JTA/RAC neighbor island routes>

2 flight sectors of JTA/RAC neighbor island routes may be combined with Hokkaido/Honshu/Shikoku/Kyushu-Okinawa(Naha, Ishigaki, Miyako, Kumejima) routes on JAL/JTA with an additional 5,000 miles. However, for 3 or more JTA/RAC neighbor island sectors, additional miles depending on an area will be deducted for every 2 additional flight sectors.

JTA neighbor island routes RAC neighbor island routes
Okinawa(Naha)-Ishigaki, Miyako, Kumejima Okinawa(Naha)-Ishigaki, Kumejima, Miyako, Yonaguni
Ishigaki-Miyako, Yonaguni Ishigaki-Miyako, Yonaguni
  • * When award tickets for Hokkaido/Honshu/Shikoku/Kyushu - Okinawa(Naha, Ishigaki, Miyako, Kumejima) routes on JAL/JTA and JTA/RAC neighbor island routes are combined, one-way (1 flight sector) mileage will not apply for neither Hokkaido/Honshu/Shikoku/Kyushu - Okinawa(Naha, Ishigaki, Miyako, Kumejima) route sector on JAL/JTA nor JTA/RAC neighbor island route sector.


Award tickets issued through this discount are valid only for the flight and date originally reserved.
The ticket validity for Award Tickets will be the earlier date of either 90 days calculated from the first ticket issue date(date mileage was redeemed), or the final date set for the discount mileage, only if the reservation change is completed before the reservation change deadline.
Note that award tickets cannot be used on blackout dates or on dates outside the discount period.

  • * Flights may not be operated on some flight sectors due to flight cancellation, days of operation or seasonal operation. Therefore awards cannot be used for these sectors, even if it is valid.


Notes on redeeming miles for awards

  • Reservations applied through the JAL website are eligible for this promotion.
    It is ineligible to apply for this promotion through the JMB Center/ JMB Award Reservation Desk by telephone.
  • All award reservations completed without using this promotion cannot be changed to those using promotion.
  • Waitlisted reservations are ineligible for this promotion.
  • Please note that there are limitations to the number of seats available for award use.
    (There may be situations where seats for awards may not be set at the time of reservation commencement.)
    Even if there are seat availabilities for reservations other than for awards, award use may not be possible.

Change to Awards After Mileage Redemption


Change to flight number and flight date are possible only through the JAL website.

<Not permitted>

Change to dates outside the promotion period is not permitted. (It is ineligible to change the itineraries to dates outside of the promotion period with additional mileage.)
Use an additional 2,000 miles per flight sector to upgrade award tickets for standard seats to award tickets for Class J seats are not permitted.

Mileage Reinstatement Service for Unused Awards

  • Refund is possible only through the JAL website.
  • The award can only be reinstated for totally unused award by paying the applicable fee.
    3,100 miles or ¥3,100(or local currency equivalent of ¥3,100) paying by credit card.

Using award tickets at the airport on the day of departure

  • If an earlier flight on the day of departure is available at the airport, you may board the earlier flight provided it is of the same flight sector.
  • If changes are made to Class J award tickets, Class J for the new flight date may not be available or scheduled. In such cases, regular seat may have to be taken instead, and mileage for the Class J portion will not be reinstated. When you wish to change your regular seat to Class J at the airport on the day of departure, please go through the upgrade procedure at the airport ticketing counter and mention that required mileage for Class J has already been deducted.

How to application

Please login and choose "Japan Domestic Award Ticket Reservation" from the left hand column of the your personal webpage.

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