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JAL Web Site Only. JAL Domestic route JAL Group Airlines Domestic Award Ticket Discount Mileage. Redeem awards with less mileage than usual! During the discount period, you may apply for JAL Group Airlines domestic award tickets(regular seats)with less mileage than usual through the JAL website. FY2014 Period1:Apr.01,2014(Tue)-May.06,2014(Tue) FY2014 Period1:Apr.01,2014(Tue)-Jun.05,2014(Thu) Blackout dates:Apr.25,2014-May.07,2014(Wed) Period2:Nov.25,2014(Tue)-Feb.28,2015(Sat) Blackout dates:Dec.19,2014(Fri)-Jan.04,2015(Sun) *Blackout dates:Apr.25,2014-May.07,2014(Wed) Period2:Nov.25,2014(Tue)-Feb.28,2015(Sat) *Blackout dates:Dec.19,2014(Fri)-Jan.04,2015(Sun) *Reservation is possible from 9:30 a.m. (same day of the month) 2 months before, until 23:59, 4 days before the departure date. (Count starts from one day before the departure date.)For more information,please see here. Application Method of Award Tickets

Eligible boarding period

Period 1 : Apr. 01, 2014~Jun. 05, 2014(Flight date)
Blackout dates : Apr. 25, 2014~May. 06, 2014
Period 2 : Nov. 25, 2014~Feb. 28, 2015(Flight date)
Blackout dates : Dec. 19, 2014~Jan. 04, 2015
  • Application for Awards using discount mileage must be made within each eligible period.

Application period

From 09:30(Japan time) two months before the flight date until 23:59*, 4 days before the flight date

Eligible members

Members newly applying for JAL Group airlines domestic award tickets through the JAL website.

Eligible routes

JAL Group Airlines domestic routes are eligible.

Required mileage for discount

<Regular Seat>

*Award issued for child (between three and eleven years of age) and infant (between eight days and two years of age) occupying a seat require the same mileage as those issued for adults.
*Combination of this promotion and the others is not possible.
ex)A combination of a round-trip ticket issued in this discount together with a standard-issue one-way award ticket → Not available

<Class J>

2,000 miles are required per 1 flight sector per person(4,000 miles for 2 flight sectors) in addition to the mileage required for the Regular Seat award ticket.

<When using JTA/RAC neighbor island routes>

2 flight sectors of JTA/RAC neighbor island routes may be combined with Hokkaido/Honshu/Shikoku/Kyushu-Okinawa(Naha, Ishigaki, Miyako, Kumejima) routes on JAL/JTA with an additional 5,000 miles. However, for 3 or more JTA/RAC neighbor island sectors, additional miles depending on an area will be deducted for every 2 additional flight sectors.

JTA neighbor island routes RAC neighbor island routes
Okinawa(Naha)-Ishigaki, Miyako, Kumejima Okinawa(Naha)-Ishigaki, Kumejima, Miyako, Yonaguni
Ishigaki-Miyako, Yonaguni Ishigaki-Miyako, Yonaguni

*If JTA/RAC neighbor island route sectors are combined with Hokkaido/Honshu/Shikoku/Kyushu = Okinawa (Naha, Ishigaki, Miyako, Kumejima) routes on JAL/JTA with an additional 5,000 miles, one-way (1 flight sector) mileage will not apply to neither one of sectors.



Notes on redeeming miles for awards

Change to Awards After Mileage Redemption


Change to flight number and flight date are possible only through the JAL website.

<Not permitted>

Changes to dates outside the discount period is not permitted.(It is ineligible to change the itineraries to dates outside of the discount period with additional mileage.)
Use an additional 2,000 miles per flight sector to upgrade award tickets for standard seats to award tickets for Class J seats are not permitted.

Mileage Reinstatement Service for Unused Awards

Using award tickets at the airport on the day of departure

How to application

Please login and choose "Japan Domestic Award Ticket Reservation" from the left hand column of the your personal webpage.

JAL Web Site Only JALCARD Domestic Award Tickets

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